The eleventh in the Single Heart series of Novellas

November and the Single Heart

                                                     final NOVSH COVER

“Captain, I am not playing nursemaid to a hayseed from Podunk, Montana.”

Icy veteran police officer, Alicia “Novy’ November was coping just fine until a rookie transplant from Montana was paired with her. Now Novy must straddle the line between the modern world and her Coos Indian roots, while the taciturn “Hayseed” struggles to adapt to big city life and to understand his new partner.

As Novy tries to wash him out, the hayseed proves resilient and he joins those who worry about Novy. She bravely faces daily combat on the police beat and only a very few know she also battles an age-old Coos curse brought on by the coming blood moon. In a world gone wrong, Novy aims to find the right path as the calendar moves closer to the day of the blood moon and her foretold rendezvous with certain death.

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